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Waiver and release of liability: As a parent or guardian of my child, I agree that I will not hold Skills & Frills, LLC or its owners, employees or affiliates liable for any personal injury, property damage or loss of insurance. I agree to release and hold harmless Skills & Frills, LLC and its owners, employees, contractors and affiliates from all liability incurred as a result of my child’s participation in Skills & Frills, LLC classes and that these terms serve as a release for myself, volunteers, property owners and members of my family.

Ability to engage in class activities and assumption of the risk: Skills & Frills, LLC activities utilize, but are not limited to the following items: paints, glues, clay, irons, essential oils, power tools, hand tools, pencils, sewing machines, fiber (yarn/fabric/papers), wax, plastic bags, glue guns, other art supplies, food items, food preparation tools (knifes, cutting boards, stoves, ovens). Food items may contain common allergens including soy, milk, peanuts, tree nuts, gluten and others. Skills & Frills, LLC takes all possible precautions to reduce risk and provide safe, healthy and enjoyable experiences. I warrant that my child is able to follow directions for all activities in class. I acknowledge that risks from participation in class activities exist and that I have allowed my child to attend Skills & Frills, LLC classes knowing these risks and their possible consequences, including personal injury.

Removal from classes: For the safety of all our students and teachers, Skills & Frills, LLC reserves the right to remove any student from class who poses a risk to themselves, others, or property and/or who engages in disruptive behavior. Students who engage in risky behavior, create distractions, intentionally or unintentionally injure a student or teacher, or do not follow instructions can be removed from Skills & Frills, LLC classes permanently and without warning.

Photography release: Skills & Frills, LLC posts photos from classes to our website and Facebook page. By registering your child for a class, you agree to allow his or her picture to be used in promotional materials. If you prefer your child not be featured in online photographs, please send us an email at and we will refrain from using your child’s picture.

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